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Fundraising 2021-2022

Dear Parents, Family and Friends,

The Kimberley Skating Club is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Growing Smiles Fundraising for this Fall’s club fundraiser! We're doing a poinsettia / wreath / winter plant fundraiser, and we would love for all families in our club to participate. 

Our goal is for every skating family to sell at least 6 products. This fundraiser has developed a good reputation in town, and you'll find that family & friends will be happy to support your child while also receiving such a nice holiday item. Last time we ran this fundraiser everyone was thrilled with their purchases. They are lovely in homes, but also businesses & offices are happy to have holiday plants delivered.

There are no order forms, no cheques, no cash to collect!  All purchases are to be made online.  If your family/friends are unable to purchase online, please do the purchase with your own credit card, and collect their payment.  This keeps things as simple as possible. 

Alternatively our club would welcome a suggested $50 donation from club families, this is a good option if you would like to participate in our fundraising efforts, but without selling products. Please contact our president or treasurer under contact us up on our main menu to be provided with our E-transfer email address.

Fundraising helps the club pay for events that all skaters can benefit from, such as the year end ice show, and new equipment such as the jumping harness that we recently purchased.



  1. Go to "Purchase Products".
  2. Select the skater you are fundraising for, this will help distribution and it will add to your skaters tally.
  3. Pay and complete your order.

 Purchase Products


PICKUP DATE: Dec 3, 10:00am - 6:00pm We are strict about the pick up time please, we would like to be respectful of our parent volunteer who has kindly offered to help organize this fundraiser and we would prefer not to have plants lingering at her retail shop past this date please.

PICKUP PLACE: Moody Bee in the Platzl


Fundraising is an important part of our club’s activities, and an integral aspect of its continuing success.  We are a non-profit organization who's board members are all volunteers. We understand fundraising and volunteering can be time consuming, however we do our best to keep it easy.